February 9, 2007

Craft Corner: Tea Towel Finished .. or is it?

O.k. Here is the pictures of the tea towel I just finished. I was going to put some other text under the "Tea for Two" but then decided it would be too busy and the letters would have to be really small. So last night I put the finishing touches on the cups and steam. Then is morning I thought, "Maybe I could put some small flowers under the text." What do you think" Is it done or should I add something to the bottom? You can leave a comment event if you are not a blogspot member. I'd love to get some feedback.

My favorite part is the tea cups with steam. It was taken from of a Christmas freebie from Six Strands Sweet, which I found when a Secret Sister sent me more than 70 skeins of their threads in a package. I have quite a bit of fun playing with this pattern and this is just one example. My ultimate goal is to make a wall hanging size quilt with this pattern in either Christmas colors for the holidays or just a myriad of pastels for my collection of tea cups. Visit the site, they have a lot of beautiful projects. Happy stitching ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Lovely finish. I think a flower and vine type scrolling pattern under the letters would be very pretty.

Sis B said...

i'm with sue. i would say very small flowers with a scrolling vine. i need to start working on my own projects!

Meari said...

I think some simple small flowers would be nice, nothing too intricate though.