January 31, 2007

Craft Corner: Quilt revisited

This is the largest piece of a quilt I started on about 5 years ago. I thought that this year would be a good time to finish it, so while I waited for George to come home from work (poor guy worked late again) I pulled it out to see what needed to be done.

It started from some fabric my mom had. For those who may not know, my mom is an avid quilter ... or was. A few years ago she bought a quilt supply business from a friend and now barel has time to make the quilts for display. Kind of sad, I think, becasue she used to get so much joy from it. Although she still enjoys it, she doesn't get to labor over it like she used to or rotate on projects depending on her mood. (She can tell you a story about working night and day to finish a quilt in like 3 days while my stepfather was left to fend for himself ffor dinner.)

Anyway, I really liked these two fabrics and he thought of making a quilt from triangles sounded fun. Unfortunately, I think I made it harder on myself. A few weeks.months into the project my mom was looking it over and said, "You know you could've done the same pattern using squares..."

Great! I was making it twice as hard on myself so I started to make squares. Later I realized that I couldn't just switch in the middle of the project unless I changed the pattern somehow. Besides the sizes were all off. A little overwhelmed, I put it away and no doubt started another project.

So now, I revisit it. I don't know if there is anymore fabric than the remaining pieces that I cut. Maybe my mom has more, maybe not. But looking at it last night, I think I can make a small lap quilt from the pieces I have of the triangles and another wall hanging size from the squares cut. Or a crib sized blanket and matching doll blanket ... I kinda like that idea. I mean, we're not planning on kids for another two years or so, but I can put it away with my baby
clothes my mom found ...

We'll see. I'll post more later!

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