February 1, 2007

Craft Corner: Monthly Goals- Feb. 2007

O.k. As previously posted I said that I was working on getting projects finished and would rotate them out each month. Last month I started a new project so there was no before. (I know!!! I made the decision to finish the other 20-plus projects after I started it!) However, here is my stopping point at the end of the month:

Now for February, I plan on working on my first tea towel, for me at least. I have done a few for others but never for myself. I started this one before George came home and as you can see it didn't get done. Mainly, becasue I altered the pattern of a teapot to fit, but didn't like it. The tea pot was cute, I just didn't like it on the towel. I had wanted to put a tea cup, but couldn't find one that would fit. I have since found a cute "mug" with steam so i will frog the teapot (rip it! rip it!) and put the cups in. I also have to finish the text. It will say, "Tea for two. Just me and you." The pinks are a little off in the picture but they are in the 3713 range. So, check back in a month to see how far I have gotten, although I plan to post updates along the way.

Another goal for this month is to get this finished piece framed. The color on it too is a little off. It is burgandy (814).The heart (in corner) was a free pattern that I played around with. Once I put them in the corners I realized I had enough room to flip them and stitch in the center. I lost the pattern since then, but hope to find it so I can print the info on the back of the famed piece. I know I stitched it in 2005, I just wish I could remember what month.

We'll see how far I get this month. Keep your fingers crossed ...

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