February 16, 2006

Craft Corner: Question of the Week

What is your favorite cross stitch/craft memory? What is that "one" project that evokes the happiest memories?

I would have to say that its hard to find just one, but a project that I really loved doing was this one called Jerimiah. It was a crow eating a huge watermelon and I think the project in the magazine was done on plastic canvas but am not sure. It was part of a summer series in one of the magazines (Counted Cross Stitch maybe) in the 1990s. I was in my teens at the time and dreamed of puttting in my future home during the summer. I never got to finish it becasue our house burned down and I lost book and project. As the magazine was part of a stack given to me as a gift by a lady in my parents church, I couldn't remember what magazine it was in since I lost them and the rest of my small stash. I remember singing "Jerimiah was a Bullfrog ..." when I stitched. If anyone knows what I am talking about, let me know, I would love the chance to do it again!

What about you? What's your favorite?

The Dragon said...
hmm - my favourite stitching memory would be stitching my parents wedding photo for their 40th wedding anniversery, I had never cross-stitched anything other than small kits you get with magazines before so I had to chart this and work it on evenweave!
It took me 5 months of working in secret but they loved it!
The Dragon

dmarieo said...
My favorite was the 50th Anniversary piece I did for my grandparents in 2000. At the time my DH & I were dating, and I would take it to his parents house on the weekends and work on it. He watched the progress and always told me how nice it looked. When I had it almost done, his dad told me that it looked really great. He hardly ever speaks directly to me, and it surprised me & DH when he said it.
We threw a party for my GP's. When they opened it everybody oohed & aahed. Then it was passed around the room. I was so proud!
It now hangs in my grandma's bedroom, and my grandpa has since passed away.

Dee in TN said...
The one that stands out the most is "Mandy" by Jan Hagara. I stitched her as a SAL with a butty from Wales and it took several months. Threw her acrossed the room when the bullfrog came visiting and she would probably be a UFO still if it hadn't been for my partner. Now we have twins Mandy's and both are frames and hanging.

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