February 15, 2006

Craft Corner: What is it!?!

"What will it be?" is the question that some of you may be asking ... but I cannot tell. I am working on a variety of "surprise" projects for friends and in some of my online groups, so I don't want to give it away, but ...

I have enjoyed working on the project becasue for me is a combination of two first. I have never done an all-on-color (I don't know what its called) project before although I love the way they look and have many "on the back burner." (I have done stff that is a name or something in one color but not a design such as this.)

It is also the first time I have ventured from my "safe" white or ecru fabric. I've bought some pinks and burgandies but they are so pretty wanted to "do special projects on them." With the amount I've accumulated however, I can do a mountain of "special" projects. But back to the red, I love it! Thanks to those who did a stash trade with me. I am really looking forward to doing some Christmas ornaments this year on red, as my tree is red, white and gold, but I always use white fabric. Now I'll "mix it up a bit."

I am excited and have been carrying it around with me since I rotated projects Monday. I am sad that I can't take it with me when we go to Houston this weekend, but I must get some studing done for my class next week in WWII studies.

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