February 14, 2006

Craft Corner: Disappointed!

I have signed up as a member of many cross stitch groups through the web. Through them I have enjoyed a variety of projects from stash swaps to stitch-a-longs. But in one project I have been very disappointed.

I signed up for secret sister in December (one of a few) and was given a name and I assume my name was passed to someone else. Each month I have diligently sent out packages, after searching for "that something special" that the recipient might enjoy. However, I have not receive anything. No note, not "it's a little late", nothing.

I finally contacted the coordinator who eventually got back to me and said that the person was sending the packages that day and that the December one must have been lost. Fine ... I can wait. But now, more that two weeks later I still have not heard or seen anything.

My thing is, that if there was a problem, a family emergency or something let me know ... I'll understand ... I'm the most understanding person in the world being a military wife ... stuff comes up! But tell me something.

I have enjoyed buying stuff for my secret sister and am sad that the issue has left me feeling cheated when I am out looking for gifts to send. I don't think that this is how it is suppose to work. Are there any conequences? Will this person be allowed to sign up again? Don't they feel guilty when they get a package in the mail?

Maybe I'm overreacting, but I thought it would be fun ... now I'm considering sticking to stitch-a-longs or individual trades ... that way, I don't get burned, or at least I'll know who it is that shorted me!

Von said...
Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time with this secret sister situation! I hope things are resolved very soon! I've just recently started to read your blog - keep up the good work. :D

Kimmie said...
Yuck! Sorry the secret-sister thing isn't working out. Some people just refuse to be accountable I guess.

The Dragon said...
I know what you mean! I have been lucky in the past but this time I received one parcel in December but nothing in January and nothing so far in February :-(
I have sent out December and January and have let the organiser know that February will be slightly delayed (my card had to be cancelled so I am waiting on a new one!) and in another group I am in I have not received my SS gift either :-(
The Dragon

Rachael said...
No Michelle, you are not overreacting. It is really too bad for people to sign up for things like this and not follow through-at least with an explanation. I hope that you get a huge package soon :-)

Dee in TN said...
Hi Michelle, Sorry this has happened. Being a list mom for a small group, this type of exchange seems to be the worse for people not following through, probably because of the longer commitments, the high value items, the postage and the time it takes to research and buy for a person you don't know well. People get caught up in the enthusiasm of joining and don't think through to the commitment they are making. Hopefully the list mom of your group can help persuade your partner to either fess up or get a move on.
HUGS, Dee in TN

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