February 13, 2006

Craft Corner: One night stand

This is the fastest I have EVER finish a project and I am very proud of myself.

This bib was a project I started Friday night for a baby shower that I was helping give on Saturday morning. I finished it with an hour to go and that included helping decorate and set up.

I also painted letters for the baby's room (photo below) because it was something the mom wanted but says she is not very crafty and with two children (7 and 5) cannot find the time to do "extra" stuf for the room and she is due next month. She has barely had time to get a crib, much less decorations, and her time is limited as her husband is deploying too (yes, he'll miss the baby's birth.)

Oh, yeah ... you may have guessed ... IT'S A GIRL!! (or a very prettily dress boy!)

I really had fun with making them even though my husband was a little peeved that I was taking up so much room doing multiple project ... oh, well! I am excited because (as is usual with a deploying unit) I have a few other friends who are expecting too and while I enjoy making the bibs and baby items, that doesn't mean I am ready to get pregnant just yet. I'll spend a few more years experimenting, I mean practicing, on their babies.

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