November 13, 2006

Hello pretty planner ... what do we do today!

I have to admit I have a few addictions and one of them is office supplies. I am a fanatic about organization and I love unwrapping new stuff for organizing because I also have a mild stuff-n-junk addiction. I say mild because when you move every two years, you learn to let stuff go, so I hoard only for a short while.

Anyway, I got my planner refills in the mail a few weeks agao, followed by sporatic other planner supplies and now I want it to be the new year so I can write on all of the pretty white and pink (breast cancer awareness) pages. You know that Disney World commercial with the kids who's mom tells him to go to sleep and he says, "I'm too esxcited to sleep!"? Yep, that's me. I keep thinking of new things to write down, like birthdays and anniversaries so I can satisfy my cravings, if only for a short while.

I know I'm a crazy person, but as Samantha on Sex and the City says, "It's the crazy ones who have the good pills!" Yes, I took a picture of it (see below) and yes, my date planner is color coded (see I'm a freak!). It just goes to show what happens when I get a little bored. Sometimes I make up stuff to write too, like "garbage day" after I've put it out and gone to work. I just like the color system I think. Sometimes I use the wrong color and scratch it out and re-write it in the right one. Insane ...

But there it is, my life in a little burgandy book. It's kind of funny to think how people functioned without them. I admit I'm still a little archaic too, becasue I don't have a blackberry or palm pilot (actually I do, but I forget to charge it and them I'm lost until I can download my calendar from my laptop again.) It's insane. I actually have a friend who doesn't even have a calendar in her house. How does she keep up with her kids' stuff. Both are actively involved in extracurricular activities too. Maybe when she is home and the kids are at school she spends the 8 hours frantically trying to figure out what she was scheduled to do that day!

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, but I don't really want to go past the first step, so I guess I'm done with the program. Maybe I should write that in my planner ... and then check off that I did it!

2 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

LOL, i like them in theory. but i don't use them. it's terrible. i think i identify more with the friend who has no calender

Seamus said...

I'd spin off the planet if it weren't for MS Outlook!