November 15, 2006

What's in YOUR office?

Courtesy of Tommy Gunn, I take time off from my not-so-busy day to bring you a room with a view ...

Pictures of my husband. I took these when he was on a training exercise and I was taking pictures for PR campaign at the time.

Hidden heater ... this thing is a lifesaver (red kind not green) in the cold weather. We work in old WWII barracks and after three years here I can tell you it can get COLD in these rickety walls!

My shoe tape dispenser is entertained by the world's smalles totum pole. The totem is actually a magnet that was a souvenir from my mom and step father's cruise to Alaska. I didn't even get a T-shirt ... how cheap!

Doesn't everyone have a monkey in their office? This little guy sits on top of my computer at work. He was a gift from my husband when we went to Dave and Busters. Maybe that's why he stares down my shirt all day ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

very cute. love the monkey. i have a couple of little homeys sitting on top of my monitor.

Tommy said...

ROFL. Cute Monkey. Now gimme the damn chocolate back!