November 10, 2006

Foot Fettish Friday No. 6: Medic!

O.k. As some of you may know, I take pride in having cute feet. Sad, but you have to find the positives. My best friend in high school found it amusing that I could look up and down myself and only come up with I love my feet the most. Especially since at the time I had long, shiny and quite thick black hair (I'm growing it back out Tommy Gunn). But it was a time when being blonde was cool.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand ... On Tuesday when I came into work there was a HUGE roach on my desk, normal for the office but never on my desk.

I figured it was because I had left an unopened tea bag on my desk since it was cold the day before so I proceeded to throw it and the bug (with a bit of screeching from me) in the garbage. I tied it up and threw it on the other side of my office. I was not taking it anywhere what if the bug got out!

( Editor's note: I DO NOT LIKE BUGS! Just wanted to clear that up. Picture to left shows injury shortly after accident. Damn bugs messed up my polish!)

Then I remembered that there was a box of teas in my closet so I went to get it to put it in the garbage I dropped the hole punch on my foot, you know the one with the weighed bottom so it doesn't slip off the desk. ( Editor's note: Innocent piece of office equipment my ass!)

So the tears ensured as did the bleeding and I couldn't walk on it for the day. I hit it numerous times, although after the first time you'd think I would have learned.

This morning it still hadn't healed so Kim (boss) sent me to the PX to get bandages, neosporin, gauze and tape. Like a dork, I don't know how to do this stuff. I thought if I put a band-aid on it, then it would magically heal itself. I wrapped it up tight, but she thinks I could lose the nail. I am so mad at myself. I also look like a nerd with a big bandage on my foot and I can only wear flip flops.

I have to admit, while I don't enjoy pain, I am rarely ever in hair-pulling, teeth-grinding kind of misery, but I now know how to get back at a coworker (accidentally of course!)if they make me mad. Trust me peeps, this hurts like ... (insert adjective of your choice!)

2 Tea Party Guest:

Seamus said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Not much hurts worse than having a toe crushed.

...and the roach lived???

lime said...

owowowowow. not fun. hope it feels better soon.