November 8, 2006

Tea time ... Researched Rewards

O.k. a few weeks ago I wrote a post about my tea collection. Since then I have been doing a little research because I thought it would be fun to do a piece on the history of tea for my job. I found so many sites, even a blog and Yahoo! Group.

Tea with Grace has been a site that I visit often because they have classic recipes and other "Victorian" style stuff. The table linens are beautiful too. A friend is have a tea party for her daughter's 4th birthday and I've offered my services. They are going to dress up with fake furs and all. It sounds really fun, even if it is Pre-K aged children.

The Teapot Shoppe has a beuatiful collection of teapots and such. I tend to like the vintage or "classic" styles, but have been looking at all of the different styles. Their blog has a lot of information on different styles and types of tea sets.

Now I haven't been "tea snob" or anything, I just prefer hot chocolate and apple cider in cold weather although I am a southern girl and LOVE iced tea. I remember going on a business trip for my mom's company (I was her PR rep for about 3 years) and at dinner ordered tea ... being a southerner that meant iced tea, however what they brought was not iced.

Don't get me wrong I love a good cup of calming chamomile or soothing peppermint, but I never really tried loose teas or anything. So in the spirit of trying something new, I joined the TeaMail Yahoo Group in hopes of broadening my horizons.

I've been a little hesitant to post anything yet. For now I am just taking notes and learning what I can. I figured it's kind of like collecting cows but hating milk ... just a little weird (but I know someone like that).

So in my quest to learn more, I invite you to tell me what your favorite tea or hot beverage is.

Following morning addition ...

In my tea collection post I mentioned a tea for one set that my grandmother had given me, but at the time did not have a picture. Well here it is. It's a very pretty blue and the teapot rests on top of the cup, kinda like a stacked tea cup. I think now that my entire (small but growing) collection has been pictured here.

This weekend a friend is hosting a tea party for her daughter's 4th birthday and the adults will get to use my green tea set, I'll have to take and post pics. Since I have class this weekend I'll miss the beginning, but there'll still be tea left over when I get there.

3 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

well i also love cider and cocoa....

in trinidad i developed an affinity for milo too. milo with sweetened condensed milk..mmmmmmmm yummy
but i am also a tea fan. i realy love dfruit teas. celestial seasionings and stash teas are nice. but some lovely loose teas are a real treat as well.

Felicity said...

Have fun at your tea and thanks so much for stopping in today, you're a doll.

Seamus said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Happy T-day! :)