August 21, 2006

This is my 'hood

O.k. ... back to rude neighbors
I strive to keep myself busy since George has deployed which means when I am home, I am curled up on the sofa doing homework (yeah, right!), working on laundry and cleaning (more believable) or watching TV with the pup on my lap (most likely).
A few posts back, I told the story of neighbors who were fighting in the streets into the early hours of the night, to which I reported then to the Military Police.
In the following days, I was informed by neighbors that the Soldier in the family is an MP and others in the neighborhood have reported them to no avail. The reports are not going onto the MP blotter, which is sent the the “higher ups,” so there is no repercussions for their loud partying and dangerous activities (ex: driving). Neighbors have gone so far as to say they have seen the Soldier abusing his pregnant wife, but alas I have not witnessed any of this.
I was also “warned” by neighbors that the family who lived across from me had reported them on several occasions, which led to that family being harassed by the MPs. They eventually moved out. Again, this is only what I heard, but I have heard it from numerous people.
I was told that I might want to “be careful” especially since my husband is deployed ... oh, that did not go over well. I will not be bullied. He may think he is a big shot because he is an MP but I have dined with his commander’s commander ... that’s right, he does not want to get into a pissing contest with me. This was my ‘hood first (sorry, went a little ghetto for a minute.)
Fact of the matter is I work in the media, I have debated with politicians and dinned with general, who does this person think he is. I don’t mind playing the “I know people in high places” game.
My husband was a little upset when I told him, and God knows I love him, but he doesn’t always give me credit for being able to handle stuff on my own. He’s not one of those “women can’t do anything” guys, but he does believe he should protect his family, even if he is in Afghanistan.
I told him that I had heard the rumors in the neighborhood and was keeping notes and documenting what I see. I’ll go through the proper channels and if that doesn’t work, then I’ll pull out the big guns.
Until then, bring it ... You don’t scare me! I play quiet and dirty. Watch over your shoulder, there will be no warning.

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lime said...

i'm sorry you have to deal with this crap on top of your husband's deployment. i'm glad you're not the type to back down though. peace and safety to you.