August 28, 2006

Look at me!

I'm excited ... today at work I did my first voice narrations for Warrior Spirit TV, the Fort Polk television station. I was a little nervous but I was happy that Jeff, our TV station guru, was patient. I probably wasted a lot of his time, but it was fun.

Tommy Gunn and KG helped me rewrite the script so I'd feel comfortable with it and I had a few days to practice reading it, so it wasn't too hard.

I voiced a segment on the MWR archery range for the Limelight program and a slide for the bowling center. He had a third, for the Sunday night football but I didn't feel like I could do the whole "Monday Night Football" voice, but Jeff didn't push it. He said he'd do it.

It was fun. He said he would like to use us (staff writers) on future projects, taking more of a producing role, so hopefully I did o.k. I'm sure I'll get better in the future. But if you live in the Fort Polk area check out the new stuff they've done with the Warrior Spirit TV.

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Congrats! I know you did well are an Army wife. ;-)