June 20, 2006

Craft Corner: Untitled

O.k. here are the pics. This is some of the stuff I got from two Mary Jane’s Cross Stitch grab bags, one embellishments and the other patterns. They were $5 each and while there were some things that will end up on my trade list (not in the picture) I got a lot that I do like. I got:
1. Stoney Creek’s A Second Helping of Cross Stitch for the Soul
2. Lizzie Kate’s Spring Things
3. Lizzie Kate Flip It # 32 November
4. Crescent Colors Hand Dyed Floss-:
- Desert Mesquite
- Clay Pot
- Sassy Brass
5. Embellishments

This is the freebie I just completed for the SNS2 Freebie Exchange. It is Lizzie Kate's How Does Your Garden Grow? It was very fun, and for me the first time I used 32 count fabric. I really liked the pattern so I think I will do it again for me. I've got some flowers from some of my mom's old patterns (she makes/sells applique quilt patterns) and I'll see what else I can find "garden-wise". Like I said, it was fun and hopefully I'll have more to post later.

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