June 19, 2006

Craft Corner: A dollup of Daisies

Hey all! This is a beautiful tabletopper I have been working on. I actually got it last year and started on it, but had other commitments to complete, so it was set aside. Now it has resurfaced once again at the top of my WIPs list.
I am currently working on finishing my Christmas in July ornament for exchange in the SNS2 group, but alas ... difficulty. Now that it is nearing completion I do not want to give it away, so it looks like I have found the ornament I will make for our tree this year.
As productive weekends go, I also finished my freebie exchange and put it in the mail today, but will post pics tomorrow. If you don't want to see it in hopes of being surprised, here is your warning. I'll problably post pics of the ornament as it is nearly 85 percent complete. I also received a package in the mail from Mary Jane's cross stitch. I got a embellishement and pattern grab bag and there was some cute stuff. I'm also working on updating my trade list and will get back to you on when that is done. Until next time ... happy stitching!

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