March 4, 2006

Craft Corner: Exploration of the unknown

Elated, overwhelmed, envious ... that was my experience as for the first time ever I explored a needlework Shop. My mom owns a quilting supply manufacturing company and I spent the last few years browsing quilt shops looking through the needlework "corner" but I never questioned if there was a haven for needlework. Until recently I hid my stitching obsession because my husband and friends classified it as a "grandma" hobby. Then I stumbled upon Yahoo Cross Stitch groups and my eyes were opened up to a whole new world. Men, women, young and old were obsessed with the craft. I learned so much ... Specialty threads, variations of fabrics, entire designer collections ... I had misses this for the past 23 years. Why had no one told me.
I discovered the LNS almost the same way. I was called into the office of a co-worker who had stitching on his walls - conversation ensued and I found out that his wife was a stitcher - her work was so inspiring. Fairy with beaded accents and colored frames were amazing.
He gave me the name of directions of a local LNS a few weeks ago, but was unable to visit until yesterday. It was 2 mere miles from our veterinarian's office. How could I have been here for 22 months and not discovered this treasure.
As I walked in I was amazed. I have grown away from "country" and into the whimsical, patriotic and Victorian styles, but was having difficulty finding pattern. But there they were from Americana to Victorian, breadcovers to afghans. Again, why had no one told me.
I pulled out my list, because as a attentive stitcher, I had to first get for my exchanges and Secret Sister before I could go completely insane with picking stuff for me.
Specialty threads ... where have I been, I only recently finished my first small beaded project, but this was a whole new world ... GAST, WDW, SSS, silks ... amazing.
As I reined myself in and paid for my purchases, I knew what my mission was. Although future husbands will cry at the money they will lose to the craft, I knew I had to pass it on the the next, innocent generation. If more young girls knew of this, think of all the teen pregnancies and drug overdoses we could prevent. We own it to the future of America's youth ... so to my dear brother I will apologize now because when Stephanie, Victoria and Tami come to visit, there will be no stopping us and may God give you strength and patience when they return and find that their stash is running low!

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