February 28, 2006

Tough ... keeps getting harder!

I was warned, I knew what I was getting into, but if you haven't lived it there is no amount of talking to those who have that will prepare you. We are in the home stretch now of George's unit deploying and it keeps coming. It like the heightened part of the movie where you just want the suspense to end, but know that it will result in something bad happening.

My mood swings are driving me crazy, so I can only imagine what George is dealing with. The last minute rushing about to make sure he has everything he needs to leave and ensure that I have access to all that I need to pay bills and such is insane in itself.

He's been spending a lot of time working on getting ready and my kitchen looks like an AAFES clothing and sales store room. I have been trying to keep busy though. I got a list of craft projects that I'd like to get done while he's gone as well as some that I'd like to get and at least start. I've been so scattered lately, I feel like I can't function.

For the most part we have just been trying to spend time together, walk the puppy, make sure that he has something to keep him busy on the airplane becasue he really doesn't like them ... funny he jumped out of them but doesn't like to ride in them.

I know the best thing to do is keep busy and I'm looking forward to getting into a routine that leaves me exhausted at night. We also got a Pizza Hut gift card for Christmas so I may need to sneak away for a little pizza time. Mmmmm ... pizza!

3 Tea Party Guest:

Greg said...

Keep your chin up sweetie. We are here for you!

Kristin said...

Your site is beautiful! My name is Kris. My hubby is in Iraq. He has been since Nov and will be for a year. My new hobby is finding blogs written by other strong women such as yourself so that I don't feel quite so alone in this Army Spouse world. God Bless.

Sis B said...

just wanted to drop by and let you know i'm thinking of you both. i know this is difficult, and i admire your strength and dedication, and hope i have the same when it's my turn.