January 11, 2006

Craft Corner: Back in the groove...

It has been hectic at the newspaper, trying to get back in the groove of things. I got a new handbag for Christmas that is just big enough to tote around a XS project in (as long as it fits into a gallon size ziploc). So I am never w/o a project. This weekend I had left my current project's book at the office, so until I went to get it Saturday, I had some time to do a little work on organizing my closet.
My husband had been on leave (vacation for military) through last Sunday so he got a lot done around the house. Cleaning for him meant clearing the garage of his Army stuff from latest training mission, building a bookcase for livingroom, installing a storm door with doggy door, cutting the grass and washing his truck ... funny when he told me he was cleaning I thought there would be dishes and laundry involve... that's what I get for assuming!
Happy stitchin all.

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