January 12, 2006

Craft Corner: Productive!

I've had a bit of productivity this week which is unusual becasue I had some extra classes to take as a point-of-contact for my husband's unit. He's been working some late nights so I attribute it to that.

This candy cane is for an ornament SAL that I am doing in one of the Yahoo! cross stitch groups I am in. This was my Januaray project. I really like it although some of the colors are substitutes for colors I didn't have. We only have a Wal-Mart near the installation, so often times I have learned to improvise, depending on the necessity of the need.

I decided to start small since it was my first SAL and I have 22 other projects that need to be finished, so I chose the Leisure Arts LEaflet No. 2829, Cute for Christmas patterns, by Karen Woods. It was the first Christmas pattern I had both myself, but never got around to making it. I wanted to put them on an afghan, but will try ornaments first and then the blanket later.

The gingerbread house is for February, but I did two at a time. I actually had the colors for the gingerbread house so I completed it first, then the candy cane.

As small as they are I had to fore myself to finish because I HATE backstitching. Both are done on my usual 28-count Charles Craft Monaco evenweave fabric, so by the time the backstitching comes, the stitching is so tight and I have the "search" for the holes. I actually have five projects on one piece of fabric. I know ... I should probably just cut the size I need but as orderly as my life is, I'm a bit of a "impulsive" stitcher. If I decided I want to do a project, I start immediately, even if I am working on a project. I just flip the fabric and start a new one. I'm like Monica on friends. Everything had to be in its place but she had that one closet that no one was allowed to go in for the mess ...

In other good news, I bought some old XS Christmas mags from another stitcher clearing her stash. They came in the mail earlier this week but it wasn't until last night that I was able to pry myself away from them long enough to take a photo. As you can see Sgt. major was also intriqued by what there was.I still need to go through and catalog them, mark the ones that I want and let my nieces pick some projects.

The projects range from small to large and cross stitch to embroidery and hardanger. I can't wait to get started on something but I promised George I would compled some of the projects already started and organize the closet. (Sigh!)

Well gotta get back to the magazines for another look!

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