September 21, 2005

Hurricane Update: They just won't quit!

O.k. the whole hurricane thing is getting old.
As previously posted we sat for days wondering if my family members who lived north of New Orleans were all right, breathing a sigh of relief once we heard from them.
Now we are faced with it again, but "Ha! We are prepared for you this time, hurricane!"
My mom and stepfather have a ranch on the east-side of Houston. Since Hurricane Rita seems to be heading that way, they are "Battening down the hatches" and waiting to see what happens.
Voluntary evacuations have been called for in all the coastal cities from Beaumont/Port Authur to Corpus Christi and soon the roads north will be flooded with panicked people. Not the best driving scenario, but it could be worst.
Scary part is that here at Fort Polk, we are not entirely out of the path of the storm and they say the east side of the storm in the worst ... thanks for the comforting words.
I haven't a clue what to do if it does hit here. I used to get direction from my parents and now my husband on situations like this. I am not really a "leader" in a time of crisis. I know what needs to be done, and do it with relative calm, but the responsibility of taking care of others it a little scary. But moving on from my own brief panic.
My mom is at some quilt conventions (that's her job ... pretty cool huh!?!) and so my stepfather and their dog Katie (whom is old and freaked out by rain in general) will be coming here to seek refuge.
I'm a little curious to see how my puppy will handle it. As you can see he is a little spoiled and has never had to share his mommy or space ... might be photo worthy.
I guess I should start "gathering" food and stuff in case we have some problems. Sgt. Major is set. He's got food, water, treats and toys to last him a while. Funny how we always make sure he's good even if we ignore our own needs.
Speaking of needs, I probably should get some food. When George is away I live on Lean Cuisine meals (which is because they taste good, not that I'm partially dieting) and salads. It is so much easier than a big production of making dinner when its just me and the "fat puppy".
Well I guess I must prepare for company. I'll update to let you know how things are.

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