September 19, 2005

My funny puppy

This is a picture of Sgt. Major a few days ago. He fell asleep on the new stuffed duck I bought him. When I first bought it, it squeaked but within 10 minutes he has chewed it open and pulled out the squeaker. Funny little guy!

This makes me laugh. Sgt. Major sleeps like this about 85 percent of the time. He even tries to sleep like that on the bed, but gives up mosts nights because with George and I moving he can't stay balanced.

Everytime George leaves Sgt. Major gets really sad. He will lay like this for hours and it breaks my heart to see him so sad. If I try to give him a treat, he just lumbers over, takes it out of my hands and resumes his sad position. I'm really worried about how he will be when George is deployed for a year.

Sometimes when George is gone (and even when he is home) Sgt. Major like to chew on the drawstring of his shorts. He'd chew mine too, but I am careful to keep them picked up.

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