November 3, 2005

Craft Corner: Support displaced stitchers

As some of you know I am an avid cross stitcher (and many other crafts as well) and am always looking for new ideas, projects, etc. When I was on the cross stitch website today I saw a posting to "adopt" a displaced stitcher.
As my husband and I have been "adopting" deployed Soldiers for years, I thought it sounded fun and signed up.
Now I know some of you are thinking ... "These people really don't need craft projects, they need food and a place to live." Well I agree, but if you talk to any die-hard crafter they will tell you that it can be calming and theraputic, in fact scientific studied have shown that crocheting, sewing, cross stitching and such are proven to lower blood preasure, so I choose to argue (or justify my shopping) that it is in fact healthy.
Now, while I agree that there are so many other things that people need (and we donate to those organizations as well) I think that it is important to help people find other things to dwell on besides their losses -- great or small. Also as we enter the holiday season many of these families may feel aditional sadness over not being able to join in the spirit of the season by gift giving and this helps them feel like things are not so hopeless.
Growing up in a family with 12 children, we often exchanged homemade gifts. It was the act of being able to open something on Christmas morning that made us feel "normal" not what was inside.
You don't have to be a stitcher to sign-up either. If you want to help, sign up to adopt some one. Salespeople at the craft store can help you choose something or email me, I have plenty of ideas.
For more information on how you can help visit:
The Helping Hurricane stitchers blog.

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