April 27, 2014

Their Trash, My Treasures

I have recently discovered a show called "I Brake for Yard Sales" and I must say, though I am inspired to buy secondhand pieces and remake them into new pieces, I don't have the time or space at this point. Work space and display space are limited, and juggling a husband in law school, a preschooler with extra curricular sports and a full time job is probably enough without looking for more to do. Now, if Lara Spencer wanted to come to my home and reorganize our home's layouts and find us room for more then I say "Come on, I'll put on a pot of tea."

I will admit that lack of room and time has not deterred me from stopping at yard, garage or estate sales or even Thrift Stores and flea markets looking for smaller treasures, like teacups. In fact, the past week I have had quite a bit of luck.

Early last week, I stop at the Family Thrift Store near my son's looking for a teacup or cute pot because I wanted to make a fairy garden for my niece's Disney's Fairies themed party next month. I did find a few teacups, but this matching trio won't work for a garden for a 4-year-old. What do you think of these pink and grey beauties? They were $2 each set.I also got this cute little glass dish that will look cute with a candle or something for $1.

Later in the week, maybe Thursday, I went to the local Goodwill on the other side of town, but didn't find any teacups that would work. There were a few cup and saucer sets with an Asian feel to them, but they were a little out of my weekly allownace range. It did remind me of the beautiful sets I saw in Korea when I went to visit my husband while he was stationed there in 2012. 

This morning after hitting the gym while my husband and son hit the pool, we went to lunch a lamented all the things we should be doing, like cleaning the house, finishing the garden projects we started yesterday or in my husband's case, studying for the fast approaching finals. We took a short cut through the neighborhood, something we always do when coming from the west side of town and passed a yard sale that looked like it was in its last few minutes as the weather started to turn. As we passed I said, "Oh, they have teacups!' and my dear, sweet husband didn't take but a minute to assure me we could turn around and look. We only had a few dollars on us, but it was enough. I got this matching set of gold teacups and saucers for $1 for both (woohoo!) and the pink glass sugar and creamer set for $1 each. He even threw in a book for my little guy. 

It was a great week for secondhand surprises. Its like a treasure hunt. You  never know what you will find!!

Until out next cup of tea ...


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Meari said...

I really like your newest treasures! Very pretty.