December 6, 2012

Christmas Ornament Fun For All Ages

So here is my weekly post of our Mickey-themed ornaments for our Christmas tree. I must first say that I am extremely happy (and shocked) that I have managed to get a post done each Thursday since Thanksgiving! (And now I've jinxed myself!) The next two Thursdays will be the biggest challenge though, so I am already working on those.

This week's theme was easy-peasy! With a toddler in the house, I wanted to do some ornaments that the lil Monkey could help me, but like most 2-year-olds, he wasn't too interested in my craft project since I wanted his interested ... (now the previous ones he was all into my work-space trying to help ... you know the projects where you use a hot glue gun and other non-toddler-friendly tools!)

Oh, well. I've said before, we are not a Hallmark Channel type family. So while he ran around playing with trains and watching "Mickey Mouse Christmas", I made these quick and easy ornaments.

This first one was the easist of all. When we were stationed in Florida, we went to Disney World about every 6 to 8-weeks. When you go to Disney, if you visit certain shops or customer service areas, they give you these free celebratory pins (all at the ticket counter). So I just put some ornament hooks on them and added them to the tree! We have for 1st visit, anniversary, and I'm celebrating. I think 1 birthday one as well, not sure. Monkey really likes to look at these as they hang there.

These snowflakes were actually one that Monkey helped with ... for a minute. I got a set of 12 felt snowflake coasters at the Dolloar Tree becasue they looked like something I could make an ornament with, even though I didn't have a plan yet. Later I discovred a set of Mickey Mouse and friends bottle caps for scrapbooking and though they weould be really cute in the center. Monkey helped wiht one, then ran off to play with his train set. He was very excited to help hang them on the tree later, though.

The last set of ornaments were perhaps my favorite of the group. I made some Mickey Mouse inspired sets of rings (black for Mickey, red for pants, yellow for shoes) and wrote some of our favorite memories from our trips to Disney on them! really fun!

Now I am looking at what projects I have for next week, and hoping that they will be as fun as these. Now that we have the tree up, it is fun tp put them on as I finish them! Since my parents took Monkey so I could get some things done before Daddy's return next week, I also had time to make 15 more of the Mickey ornaments from the first Mickey ornament post. I used a different sized ornament and the tree is starting to look quite festive!
Hopefully, I get next week's project done and post, because it is looking like a fun one!
Until our next cup of tea ...

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