November 22, 2012

And the Christmas theme this year is ...

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Really!?! Like you didn't see that one coming!

The boy really likes Mickey Mouse and we have had so many great memories from Disney World. It was such a great family experience, that I wanted to figure out a way to celebrate those early family memories for years to come ... or at least until Jamie declares Mickey Mouse to be for babies ...

I am really excited for Christmas this year for a variety of reason. First of all, it is our first "official" Christmas home. We moved back 10 days before Christmas last year and didn't have a tree decorated or stockings hung. (In all fairness, our neighbors did get us a small 2-foot blue and silver tree and Jamie loved it!) I didn't get to decorate, made minimal food, etc. It was not the Christmas I would've done if given the chance.

But this year ... we are doing it right! And George will be home by then (Army willing), and our families will be close enough to visit and Jamie is at an age that he is getting all excited. And we'll be getting a real tree this year (I hope!) Yeah!

O.k. so with that thought in mind, I wanted to show you the first Mickey Mouse decorations ... of course inspired by Pinterest.

They were very easy ... and even better cheap. About $0.22 each, that's right 22 cents EACH for me to make!!

For supplies you just need:
Set of red ornaments, any size (I got a set of 15 from Dollar Tree ... $1)
Black permanent marker (I already had this one at home, but also can get from Dollar Tree)
Glue gun and glue sticks (I had one ... truthfully, I have two ...)
White buttons, 2 for each ornament (I bought a pack with 100 buttons at JoAnn's for $2.30)

Step 1: Mark the top 1/3 of the ornament all the way around. (I used this high-tech, very expensive milk jug that Jamie got milk in at McDonald's!)

Step 2: Remove the ornament hanger and color the top 1/3 of the ornament with the black permanent marker and let dry. (I only had to do one coat, but you might need to do a second depending on what marker you use.)

Step 3: Find center front and glue 2 matching white buttons to the ornament on the red area just below the mid-point. (I only burned myself twice ... o.k. 3 times ...)

Step 4: Once everything dries, put the tops back on the ornaments and decorate with Micheky Mouse's pants!

This was really a fun project and I'm sure kids elementary school school age could help with the exception of the hot glue gun part. Looks pretty fun, huh! I may do a set with regular-sized ornaments too since I have tons of buttons left. We'll see if I have time. I did use the Bear Thread Designs Grip-n-Press as a table protector (in the photo of the buttons) and if you haven't used one of those you have to check it and other products out at their blog!

As we continue to prepare for George's return and the holidays, we hope that your family is also preparing for a wonderful holiday season.

I'll post another themed Christmas ornament project next week.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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