September 15, 2012

Pink Saturday: Looking for a Beauty Around Me

Well, it's no secret to my regular blog readers who follow my family blog or my Facebook that this overseas tour has been the hardest for us as a family. Not so much a strain like many couple face, but rather more stressors.

While George is having a tough time with a position that is more "pencil-pusher" and administrative in nature than any of his previous assignments as well as the realities of missing out on so many family memory-making moments and we are here on the homefront struggling with a unhappy work environment, terrible twos, toddler separation anxiety and more, we try to look to the future and knowing it will be over soon.

Recently, I was telling my mom that her blog, Just The Bear Facts, should participate in Pink Saturday, a blog project I did years ago during George's first deployment as a method of counting down until his return. Her quilting-themed company allows her so many chances to see some pretty amazing things in the quilting and crafting world, it just seemed like a great project.

Now, as I look forward to keeping busy until hubby return, I thought I'd take it up again.

There are so many wonderful things to be found in everyday life and I need to focus more on those to help me fin peace. That is the theme of this week's Pink Saturday post ... A Peaceful Pink Presence ... rom my childhood pink bunny, artwork from my lil monkey, flowers at my grandparents' ranch and a bouquet from my hubby ...

I hope everyone has a peaceful Saturday. Until our next cup of tea ...

1 Tea Party Guest:

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Princess,
I'm a wee bit late for Pink Saturday but I wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely week ahead. Your pink flowers are so pretty!
I see your blog title mentions tea. If you would like to, I host a tea party every week on my blog and I would love to have you join me sometime. Wishing you a wonderful day and take care.