April 29, 2012

A Special Day with Exceptional Families

I guess I can share this. I try not to post too much personal info on this blog, but today I volunteered at the Special Needs Family Carnival at a Univeristy of Houston campus for my Law Firm and loved it! (My law firm specalizes in estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning, and we attend a lot of these events.)

There is just something so sweet about these kids and their unwaivering innocence. I had some of the most amazing conversations though most were short ... about the amount of time it takes to unwrap the candy at our table! The most fun (though probably not for the parents" was watching them dip their hands and play in the water fountain. No one actually jumped in thank goodness!

One mom was filling out a form and turned and said, "Where'd my daughter go?" I said, "The one in purple? SHe's right there." (Playing the grass nearby.) "That's why I love these things," the mom says, "Everyone looks out for everyone and you don't have to worry for once."

How heartbreaking it must be to constantly worry about your child. I mean we all do, but to worry because your child may never have the cognitive ability to see danger or people who want to harm them.

The siblings were the best part. I think siblings of these "exceptional children" must grow up to be the most amazingly caring people. I saw then holding hands, pointing out games and activities, making sure they got candy and just generally enjoying their time with their sibling. To grow up in a home surround by that much care and attention must play some role in their adult lives, even though I don't imagine that life is perfect, and in fact can get a little lonely at times when your parents are caring for a child who is so dependant. Sometimes, these siblings need a little extra hug too ... or in today's case, an extra piece of candy!

It was so great to spend a few hours in that world and to get to know some of the organizations and agencies who help these kids and families reach their full potiental!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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