April 30, 2012

Conversations with a Toddler ...

It's sometimes funny when the words that come out of your mouth are thrown back at you by your child (and sometimes not, but this is not one of those stories.)

This morning Monkey got up early as usual, so I turned on the big TV in the livingroom and went to take a shower. I passed him as he dragged his pillow and blanket to the sofa and went to enjoy my 5 minutes of peace before starting the day.

After I got out of the shower, he found me and stated he wanted to eat, so I went to the kitchen and got him some grapes while I inhaled as much coffee as possible. After eating we went back to get him dress for school but went though the livingroom and play area. As we get to the recliner he sees his pillow and blanket on the floor and demands, "What is this?" "Um, I think you left that there," I tell him. He loks at it for a minute, then says, "Oh, yeah ..." and continues on to his bedroom.

{Sigh} This kiddo is crazy!!

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