March 5, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go!!

I am convinced that this Dr. Seuss title was inspired by military families!! To live this life you have to be be able to adapt to change, and while I'd always loved going new places and meeting new people, this last Army move left me a little overwhelmed and stressed.

This past week however has brought new inspiration and a renewed excitement for me both in traveling and in the creativity of my writing and photography. So, if in the next few weeks, you see an increase of posts in my blogs you can thank a few people, both new friends and chance acquaintances for this inspiration.

As some of my readers may not know, my mom broke her foot just before on of the largest retail opportunities of the year for her business. In exchange I went in her stead while Jamie ran the roost on their ranch. (Oh, my poor dad!)

This travel opportunity gave the the chance to meet two of my mom's friends/business relations and we immediately felt like sisters! I also meet and worked with one of her new business relations and had the opportunity to broaden my public relations and marketing horizons as well as boost my creative self-confidence with these encounters. It also afforded me possible opportunities to enhance my portfolio!!

In a totally random encounter at the airport, I meet a dancer-turned-writer who was looking to start shopping around a newly completed book as well as a "in-progress" book, and we discussed her goals and my childhood dream of being a book editor. In fact, that was a topic that came up multiple times this week, leading me to renew my goal of that pursuit as I continue to look for a PR job in Houston.

Though there is no crystal ball to tell me what the future holds, the thought that came to light as I discussed these thoughts with my new friends and acquaintance was that our lives are our own personal tapestry and while I love the colors that mine has embraced too, maybe this is a good time to throw in a new color and see what beauty can come from it!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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