March 25, 2012

Moving from baby to big boy!!

Today we took another step towards "big boy" world ... and it was a big one for me. We transitioned our little monkey to a toddler bed. No more crib. I was glad George was able to be here to be a part of such a milestone (more on that later), but it doesn't seem as big a deal to him or Jamie, just the very nastalgic mommy!

We went to Babies-R-Us today and got him a bigger booster seat, a bed rail (which we decided not to use later and George returned), a new Mickey Mouse bedroom set and of course some Bob the Builder to mark the occasion. Jamie actually fell asleep before we got there and George carried him sleeping throughout the store!

Once we put his bed together he was very excited. He kept crawling in it with his and milk cup and pulling the covers up.

Apparently, he liked it so much, he crawled in after dinner and put himself to sleep! Too bad it won't always be that easy!!

I guess it's my turn for bed. Good night all!

Until our next cup of tea ...

5 Tea Party Guest:

molanoso said...

Such a beautiful family story.

ancient one said...

I love it !! He is getting to be such a big boy. Growing up fast!!

Vee said...

So sweet! He's growing up fast. Glad that he loves his bed.

Sue said...


Okay, I've been awol for several weeks and Jamie moves into a big boy bed and now he puts himself to bed as well. WOW - and he is adorable to boot. Well, he's always been adorable. Anyway, yes, this is a milestone for the moms.
But it's a good one.
Sorry for the absence - we've got some milestones going on here with our little boy - except he's 7 and it concerns missing teeth. The child has more in his piggy bank than I have in my wallet. Tooth fairy $$. (his, not mine, lol).
Blessings to your little family,

Hugs to you, and George, and Jamie.

Mesmerize said...

great photos:)
please visit me in free time:)