November 8, 2011

Lost in Translation!!

It's official! Jamie's opinionated choices have are now far exceeding his verbal skills ... And he acts like I'm the big problem!

He got up from his nap at about 1 p.m and so I heated up some mashed potatoes George made last night. Apparently, that was not what Jamie had in mind. After 20 minutes and a series of pointing, crying, dancing and "more" sign language I learned that for lunch he wanted applesauce in a kids drink cup we got from Santa Fe Steakhouse ... I almost lost my mind!!

Anyone else dealt with a non-verbal toddler? Got advice??? I think I need Phineus & Ferb's universal translator! I think for the afternoon I will leave him in his "fortress of solitude" and clean the kitchen!!

2 Tea Party Guest:

Vee said...

I had one of each...nonverbal toddler and a very verbal toddler. The nonverbal toddler needed to be with other children more. Life with "just mom" wasn't working so well for speech development even though we read books, watched children's programming, etc. Once you get to Houston, that would be my suggestion.

He's so cute. Look at him!

Sue said...


Not just toddlers do this. Just a word of Kasey still does this at 6 years old, except I can understand every word he says - no pointing anymore.
Hugs my friend,