November 7, 2011

And The Next Chapter Begins ...

It's been a while since I posted. Things here have been crazy. We move in a little over 30 days- it's good and bad.

The Army informed us (officially) about 3 weeks ago that we will be going home to Houston ... By "we" I mean me and Jamie. George will be leaving for an unaccompanied tour to Korea.

So while we are happy that Jamie will be able to spend time with our families and I can (hopefully) go back to work, our little family will be separated for a year. {sigh} I guess we'll just roll with the waves, or the ocean will swallow us up.

There is lots to do on top of moving ... With an aging dog and active toddler ... During the holiday season ... Cross country ...

We had hoped to rent and RV, ship one car & my parents would drive the other, but apparently renting an RV one-way is acceptable in any combination except Florida to Texas! It's like we're making a journey no one had done before! So now we are driving ... With an aging dog and active toddler ... From the further point south in Florida to Texas ... Well, you get the idea.

Can anyone else see the sanity in this!?! We're looking at other options which I hope work out, but I'm not holding my breathe!

The next 4 weeks will be a whirlwind of activity and I already feel like I'm running behind. I guess you can check back on January 15 and see if I survived ... Or periodically before then to watch the madness unfold!

Until our next cup of tea,

4 Tea Party Guest:

Rene @ Budget Saving Mom said...

Praying that you guys have a smooth trip & a wonderful time together before he leaves again! Thanks so much for you guys service!!

LNCyree said...

What a cute picture of your little monkey! :-D Sad that you're leaving :-( be safe!

Vee said...

Keeping you guys in prayer. I know that it's a logistical nightmare to get moved. How soon does George have to leave? Not before helping you guys get moved, I hope.

ancient one said...

Will be praying for a safe move and the best for all of you. ((hugs))