November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Adventures!!

Thanksgiving marked 15 days until we move and so we decided not to get too extravagant, I think we both just wanted a day to relax and concentrate solely on out two boys!

My morning started with watch cartoons with Daddy, Jamie and Sgt. Major, then we all got out of our jammies and headed to Cracker Barrel. Jamie learned he doesn't like stuffing, cranberry sauce or turkey, but he ate a little bit of sweet potato casserole and had LOTS of biscuits and pumpkin pie!! He was so full, he fell asleep on the way home!

After he nap, we all played with the Legos for a while, the went to the park an played for almost 2 hours!! When we got home, we played with Legos and cars again, then Jamie laid down with the pup while we watched a movie. Them dinner and bedtime. Boy was he tired. Here are some pictures from our day ...

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ancient one said...

Looks like a beautiful, perfect, Thanksgiving day!