September 9, 2011

Not One More Child Drowns, Part 2

Editor's note: ARG! So I wrote this post and scheduled it for yesterday as promised and then realized this morning it never published! I think all the cleaning for my mom's visit today had turned my brain to mush!! But here it is ...

Ok, so now is the part I love ... where I get to show off my lil Monkey!

I'd said yesterday that we got a surprise a few weeks ago ... During his last week of swimming, we arrived one day and Dr. Harvey told me to grab one of the new brochures they'd just made and look at it. Now, I didn't think anything of it because Dr. Harvey knew I had a background in Public Relations and we often talked "marketing". However, this is not what I expected to see ...

That's right! Jamie is on the cover of their new "No One More Child Drowns" campaign brochure. I was so excited! There was also a picture on the inside of him too as well as aother little boy from our unit! Now I knew Harvey had been working with him to get some video of him, because he fit the profile of the higher drowning statistics, little boys age 2. If you think about it their adventureous nature mixed with developing little bodies makes it understandable. But that was totally unexpected.

Anyway, then Harvey told me to open up this long tube shaped box. The two lifeguards helped me unroll it and there Monkey was, bigger than life- literally!

(That's Jamie with Dr. Harvey. Jamie wasn't happy that we took a ton of pictures of him with the post before his lesson and then again after with Dr. Harvey.)

Anyway, I was a proud Mommy for sure! Here are a few more of my favorites (Yes, I have taken what seems like a million pictures of him swimming.)

(His fully clothed swim at the end of the first 6-week session.)
(Just hanging out, waiting for his lesson to start.)
(One cool dude!)
(Underwater shots by ISR.)
(Swimming with Dr. Harvey.)

4 Tea Party Guest:

Vee said...

How cool is that? He makes a good cover that little Jamie of yours. I'm glad that you both participated in this program and I like what you said about it's not releasing you from being ever watchful and on guard, but it does give him a "fighting chance" if the worst should happen.

Congrats to Jamie!

ancient one said...

This is so great!! I know you are so proud of your little Jamie. I loved this post !!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Have to say it again!!! He is the most perfect little guy to have on the cover and on the banner and on whatever they use for this amazing program! Hopefully, they have such a program where my future grandbaby will be living.

Blessings & Aloha!

Meari said...

That is AWESOME!! :) It really made me smile to see Jamie featured on their marketing materials.