June 20, 2011

Missing Daddy on Father's Day

What a crazy Father's Day we had this year! While George is currently deployed, Jamie & I thought we'd spend a quiet day together, but we got a surprise (well I knew a few days ago)! My m, my aunt and her two kids came to visit for a few days!

I picked them up at the airport on Saturday night & Jamie was surprised with cousins to play with when he woke up!

It was so cute to see them greet each other - it was like wiggling puppies, dancing all around, but not sue if they could go play!

Jamie was up at 5 am again (UGH!), so when everyone else got up and ready for the day, we ran to get groceries & came home to feed everyone (well Jamie had a second breakfast). By that time Jamie was ready for a nap.

When the little guy woke up he seemed fine, so we got ready to go to the pool. By the time we were ready it had started to rain, so my aunt asked if we could drive to the base to look at the airplanes and hopefully the rain would pass over by then. It sounded like a good idea so we all hoped in the truck for the 10 minute ride. We didn't make it halfway there when my aunt, sitting in the back causally says, "Oh, Jamie's throwing up." I look back and he has projectile vomit coming out his mouth with the saddest look in his eyes.

We pull over and my mom and I get out and start grabbing the towels that we were going to take the to the pool. Luckily, the rain When my aunt opens her door to climb out so I could climb in and reach the baby my mom says, "No, stay in and help me, because is D'Ann (my first name) climbs in, she'll join him!"

My mom, wasn't being mean, she's just rely on years of experience where at the very sound of my brother loosing his tummy contents would result in me doing the same!

So my mom pulled the baby out of his carseat who had thrown up 6 times consecutively by this point and we stripped him, cleaned him off as best we could, and wrapped him in a towel. Then I climbed in the passenger seat, my mom in the driver and we headed back home.

After we dropped my aunt and her kids off at the pool, we headed hom to clean up Jamie and the Tahoe! So not the best part of the day! I learned real quick that I should appreciate my husband more because that carseat was one huge puzzle!

By then, Jamie was feeling better so my mom and I put him in the stroller and we headed to the pool. He did really good, impressing people with how well he could swim. We were there for a bit when he threw up again while I was sitting in a chair (forcing) him to rest a little so we packed up and headed home.

While my aunt and the kids ate lunch, we put Monkey down for a second nap with a bottle of juice and waited ... he never went to sleep, but I guess he rested enough because was in his bed for an hour. When he got up ... nothing. He didn't get sick again ... never had a fever ... no cough ... Hmm, we don't know what made the little guy sick, b ut by this morning he was at his full energy level!

All in all, it reminded me that even though we are celebrating Father's Day, we should also remember those military wives who are holding down the fort while their husbands are away ... sometimes double duty can be overwhelming.

On a good note, Jamie and I were able to talk to George and sent him tons of photos. We are excited that he will be home soon, and that our family will be whole again.

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Vee said...

Poor little guy...glad that he's feeling much better. How good that you had help taking care of the situation while your hubby is away. Here's to your being reunited soon.