March 27, 2011

C'mon, Show a Little Support!

SO yesterday, Jamie and I went to Michael's to pick up some stuff for various projects I've got going on. While we were there I overheard a sad conversation between a mom and her kids ...

Mom: (obviously irritated) Where the hell is it?

Older boy: I don't know ...

Mom: Your teach is an idiot! She said everything we'd need would be at Michael's.

Younger boy: You could ask her ...

Older boy: No, stupid, its due on Monday.

Mom: I don't have time for this sh**!

All I could think was "Really!?! You think its a good idea to berate and ridicule your children's teachers in front of them?"

I mean its hard enough for teachers to get kids to pay attention in class or do their homework, it can't be easier with unsupportive parents in the mix. Obviously, the mom was too busy and allowed the boy to wait until the last minute to do the project, which means that it will be rushed and he won't learn anything.

{Sigh} I worry about the future of this country sometimes ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

Sue said...

A great post.
One of my closest friends is a second grade teacher. She is devoted to her job, to her class, and more than this, to each and every individual child in that class. Parents question her decisions about their kids because they don't want to admit that their children aren't perfect; or that someone outside the family can see what their rose colored glasses cannot. Or that their child's teacher has more patience with their child needing to learn than their parents do.
When Kasey and I were doing his birthday party invitations last month, we went through all the kids' names to make sure we had the whole class. We did, BUT there was one missing...and in Kasey's words, 'where's the one for Ms.__?'
And so we did one for his teacher as well. When she showed up at the party, the kids all stopped eating their pizza and shouted, "MS. ____!! Kasey's face lit up like a Christmas tree. She was the most popular guest there, even though she could only stay a few minutes. But she was there to sing Happy Birthday to a very happy little boy. It spoke volumes about how the kids feel about her. Since Laurie and Stephen have been away so much this year with deployments and training, we have been Kasey's guardians and I've gotten to know his teacher very well. We are so impressed by her warmth, and by her ability to see and understand each of her 24 "kids" and their unique little personalities.
Jamie will have a great advantage when he goes to school. Even now, that you will appreciate his teachers and their role in his life
is a wonderful blessing that he will have...and that you will give to his teachers. They will see this, and know that you support them.
What a wonderful thing to give to Jamie - and to your family. Not to mention those who will spend so much time with him.

Blessings my friend,

Meari said...

I totally agree with you.