August 26, 2010

My (Not so Secret) Love Affair

It's time to own up to it and stop hiding. Some may think I should feel guilty, others say I should break it off, still others say they are having the same affair, others claim they can't live without it. My parents find it gross, yet my grandparents advocate it. All I know is every morning I am awakened by the sounds of a baby's cries and immediately wish for him.

Every morning I stumbling down the stairs with a squirming baby on my hip, mumbling about rising before Soldiers going to PT being a crime. I plop the baby's wiggly butt into his activity center and set him up with pacifier and toys, anticipating turning "him" on. Sometimes I wish I'd prepped a little the night before, other times I stand there using those few extra moments to fully wake.

I've been doing this since the baby was born, six-months, though its not the first time. I saw my grandparent's ritual as a child, and then I started on my own in college. Now I may do it 3 or 4 times a day.

He's not as big as most, no anywhere near as exotic. I'm a simple girl, I don't need flashy, as long as it gets the job done. Maybe I should upgrade, bu I'm content.

I can hear the baby start to fuss in the next room not wanting to be alone, yet I can't leave before its finished. Then its done, the greatest moment of the day, everything else is cleared from my mind ... the moment of truth ... the coffee is finished brewing.

Ah, Dear Sweet 4-cup coffee maker! You may only be 12-inches tall and have one switch, but I love you as if you were 20-feet tall with enough buttons to light the city sky. When we get together I know that everything will be o.k. You perk me up. Your warmth flows through me like a silk blanket.

We love the same things ... a dark, fine grind ... Community Coffee or nothing! I am terrified of the day you will quit on me, fearful of having to replace you and learning to push the right bottons on another. We've been together through 1 pregnancy, 2 deployments, 3 moves and 4 vehicles. I can't imagine my life without you, yet I know when it happens, life will gone on. A little sadder yes, but I will still have the memories ... and definitely the Community Coffee.

There have been some rough times. Last month we ran out of coffee 2 days before the new Community Coffee shipment arrived, and I must admit, I didn't know if we'd make it. I know you hate being cleaned with vinegar, bitter and tart, but it makes you preform as if I'd just taken you out of the box. Then there are days that I can feel your empty pot drilling holes in my back as I chose Community Coffee's cappacino's mix, but the French Vanilla is just so good, and quite frankly I think a day apart once a week only draws us closer.

I know you'd love to spend your free time with a Community Coffee canister like my grandparents had when I was little, and I think you'd make a great pair, but baby formula costs money, so you'll have to wait until I can save my pennies. Don't worry, it'll be worth it when it arrives, but until then, I'm here.

I can promise you this, Dear Coffee Pot, I will always treasure your contributions to this family, I will always greet you first thing in the morning, I will only give you Community Coffee (only the best for you, of course!). I will alway love you dear friend. Without you I would be alive, but I probably wouldn't be awake!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice site. You are really embracing the small moments. I could not find a contact button for you on your site. I have a book coming out for military families called Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You. Please email me if you would like an advance review copy. Sincerely, Carol Casey
p.s. I am a tea lover too. I have over 40 strainers, and 20 pots. I collect them on our travels.