April 14, 2010

Need Help: Calling all Milspouses

In 1984, President Reagan declared the Friday before Mother’s Day each year as Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Greetings all! I am hoping one (or more) of you can help me. May 7 is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day and we have recently learned that the installation we are assigned to does not have any plans to host any activites as had been done at other installations we were at. In light of that, my husband and I have decided to host our own MilSpouse Appreciation event for the 15 families in our unit, which unfortunately means we are footing the bill for everything. Despite a tight budget, we would like to have some small gifts for the spouses to take home and I have come up with some affordable (and hopefully good) ideas.

My husband will be doing a certificate of appreciation for each spouse, I am going to print a military wife poem on cardstock, I'll be making the food a hosting a "night as a princess" teaparty, etc.

Now here is where I need your help ... Some of you who may have been at the larger installations or have been a spouse for a while may have seen those little gift bags with various items in them and a card that says something like: "The hershey's kiss represents the love you give, the band-aid represents the care you give, etc." I cannot find the card that I had from the ones we did for the MP spouses at Fort Polk, so if anyone has a copy of it or knows what I'm talking about, can you please post it in the comments so we can add that to the stuff we give the spouses?

Also, if ANYONE has any ideas of other affordable gift ideas, please feel free to post your ideas. I'll post the activites after the party and some pictures so you can all see how it turned out.

Thank you in advance!

This is the military spouse coin. Unfortunately at $25 each, all I can share is a picture!

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