October 25, 2009

Enjoying a Flury of Halloween Activites ...

O.k. so I know that I haven't been blogging mcuh lately. Actually I have about 4-5 half-written posts waiting to be finished, but there is so much going on around here. However, I currently have the hubby occupied with a XBox game and the pup has fallen back to sleep, so I thought I'd take a moment to sit down and shower you some of the "fun" stuff we'd been doing amid all of the "work" of moving.

Not many know that as a child my Family did not celebrate amny holidays. Even Christmas was something that my brother and I old celebrated when we visited my mom and her Family. There were a variety of reasons from too many kids to not part of my father and step-mother's religious beliefs. Even Chritmas had limited a activities, strictly food and gift-exchange.

I had decided that when I grew up and had children I wanted to celebrate the "spirit of the season", whether it was a 4th of July picnic or huge Christmas blow-out! Well, I had the fortunate luck of arrying a husband who LOVES Halloween, the one holiday that eluded me as a child. Even as an adult, I didn't really know what to do, but he has slowly introduced me to the "spirit of the season" (at least those two that he was home for!)

So many of my longtime readers may remember, photos of my first pumpkin carving experience and the final products October 2005. I really enjoyed it, but in 2006 and 2007, hubby was deployed, and in 2008 his father was in the final stages of cancer and we nearly lived at the hospital. (We did hand out candy later while watching "The Search for the Next Elvira" that night when we came home, so we did have some fun!)

This year we decided to do it again, and invited another couple from George's class to join us. It was so much fun. While their dog, Harley and Sgt. Major ran each other ragged we gathered around the kitchen table and let the cleaning, cutting, and chhopping run free. Pretty soon we had all completed "masterpieces." Actually Sarah and I chose more "classic" designs, while George and Rob chose more "artistic" designs. The pictures aren't that great, but here they are ...

(Sarah's is on the left and mine is on the right)

(Rob's is on the left and George's is on the right)

As much fun s it was, that wasn't the only thing we did this weekend. On Friday night we decided to check out the local Haunted House. Other than working at Six Flags in Houston and participating in their haunted house, I'd never actually been to one so I was really excited. So after meeting another couple for dinner, the four of us headed off to face our fears at Plantation Blood.

It was great! We went though a smaller house (there were people actually living in the actual plantation house), then you walked through the graveyard, next you went into a smaller outbuilding with an actually boiler room and lastly through the woods. It took about 45 minutes to complete and Sarah and I screamed the whole time ... through there was a lot of laughing as well. We pushed the boys along in front of us, but we still got the "boo" scared out of us! Thak goodness we had our Soldiers there to protect us! At one point a zombie chased Sarah in circles with a chainsaw and when I lost my flip flop in the woods another chairsaw wielding creature honed in on us when I stopped to get it. At one point, I think Sarah (who was walking behind me) tried to crawl into my belly with the baby! It was great ... and oddly enough it didn't seem to disrupt the baby at all. We kicked and squirmed as usual after a meal while we stood in line, but had fallen asleep by the time we started. I think Sarah adn I knew we were in trouble, when we tried to use the port-a-potties in the dark while waiting and the person coming out scared the "boo" out of us!

We are looking to see what other adventures there are locally for next weekend. So far we've heard of a corn maze and haunted woods, so I'll keep you posted ...

Until our next cup of tea ...