May 4, 2009

Getting it all together!

Since we are intergrating two houses (ours and that of his father who passed in November), I hadn't taken much time to decorate until now. I am so excited!

Yesterday I finally found the fabric for my PINK and white kitchen.

It's been a long search to find the perfect fabric to compliment my great-grandmother's depression glassware chickens, maternal grandmother's teacups and my teacup collection, and mother's stained glass piece. It has become a very special room for me surrounded by these treasures.

New additions are George's grandmother's glassware and china set ...

I'm also hoping to get some items made by my paternal grandmother. She is great at crocheting, but with 16 grandchildren (plus great-grandchildren) there are a lot to of "orders" already I'm sure. Especially since a few are starting college and moving into their own homes.

I'm really looking forward to seein the finished project, but I am also excited about the project itself. Well, I'm off to finish another paper for school ...

Until our next visit ...

5 Tea Party Guest:

Sue said...

Sure hope you give us lots of pix as you do your kitchen - the patterns are so pretty.
Keep us posted.
Hugs my friend - and may God bless you and George and SGT Major in your new home.

jen-again said...

That fabric is going to look lovely in your new (HUGE) kitchen! I, too, have some depression era roosters from my grandma- I need to take them out and display them, you have inspired me!

Vee said...

It's going to be beautiful. How blessed you are to have these treasures now. I can see that you know exactly how to enjoy them well.

apoorva said...

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The Undomestic Army Wife said...

I am still at Fort Gordon! Yay! I am so happy I found a blogger from here too. I work in Grovetown but live on post.

We have been here since October 2007 and will be here for awhile unless we get lucky!