October 13, 2008

Welcome to Our World ...

I'm sitting here watching TLC's Little People, Big World. Now I usually wait until the end of the season when they have the big marathon so I an get it all. But tonight I decided to watch because the father, Matt Roloff, was going to Iraq to help a family with dwarf children.

I am always intriqued to see out "civilians" will see and portray our troops when visiting Iraq and Afghanistan. It was good to see the support that they have for the tropps and how in a small way they see what military families go through on a daily basis. It's not 7 days for us, but 12, even 15 months.

As the mother Amy said, you can't call them, you have to wait for them to call you. And if they are injured, it could be days the family finds out. That's the hardest part ... the not knowing, the uncertainty.

It definately takes a strong person to live this life. There have been numberous times when I was on the phone with George and he said, "Baby, I've got to go" and the line goes dead. You don't know why, sometimes there is thunderous sounds in the background, other times it terrifyingly quiet. It could be days before I heard from him again.

As military families it is easier for us to remember that every moement we have is precious, and by treasuring those memories, we are given a gift that few others cherish. It is our reward for doing what we do ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Trish said...

I saw the same episode tonight and was touched in much the same way! Part of me appreciated it and another part felt like..."welcome to OUR world!" exactly as you titled your entry!
Then I sat there and boohooed as the little girl cried during xrays thinking...I wonder if people get it? THAT (she!) is why we are there still.
Anyway...hugs from one mil-wife to another!

Sheila said...

I saw this was on but didn't watch, now I wish I had.
Your husband and all the others out there have my respect as do their spouses. Godd bless you all.

lime said...

it is hard to imagine and i do believe military families definitely have to develop a certain brand of strength.