July 4, 2008

True American Heroes ...

I want to take a moment to wish the Families of America’s service members a happy Fourth of July.

It is on such occasions that we reflect and remember why we do what we do every day as Americans. Certainly it is easy to question weather you have given enough when so many have given so much more. The best we can do is wake up each morning and do the best that we can to live up to the title "American".

I am very proud of the Soldiers in which I am surrounded by. However, not all great Americans are Soldiers. Some of them are in the shadows doing everything they can to take care of those serving their great nation wearing the military uniform. This especially applies to the Families who support these Soldiers.

You are the ones who wait patiently at home for months on end, knowing that while you may need your Soldier, our country needs them more. You take on the role of mother and father, stepping in to ensure that their children know how much they are loved, even if their military parent cannot be there to tell them every day. You are the one who lives with the fear, the loneliness and stress, which is outweighed by your love and understanding.

Your efforts may seem small but they mean so much to ensure the success of our mission and our Soldiers. You have been of great assistance in helping our nation’s serve members prepare for war. Your dedication and sacrifice to this country does not go unnoticed. Your continued support is an inspiration to all who see you. We have great Soldiers because of the Families who stand beside them.

I salute you and your dedication and you truly are a patriot. Have a happy Fourth of July.

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Happy Belated 4th of July.

Joyce said...

Nice post! I love our service men and women too....God bless them for their dedication that includes you all! :-)

lime said...

and a belated salute to you