January 17, 2008

No regrets, looking toward the future ...

As I sit here, days away from my 30th birthday, with the sounds of SheDAISY's "Come Home Soon", playing in the background I reflect on the past and realize, I have no regrets.

Had you told me 15 years ago, that this is where I'd be today, I would have scoffed at it. My youthful plans for the future were nothing compared to my life today, but looking back, I know I've got the better deal.

I had asperations of being a career woman, never even considered marraige. Not that I had anything against it, but I was determined to rise above my humble childhood. Growing up in a family was 12 siblings, was at many times challenging. Not that I didn't love my siblings, but I tended to fade into the background most of the time. there were too many real issues, to worry about those of us without. Especially as the oldest girl, I was busy taking care of the younger ones. I was just looking forward to the future and a chance to discover the "me" that was buried.

I worked hard to get into college, and after earning my first degree in Chemistry, I transferred universities to follow a passion I had discovered, writing ... journalism to be exact. It was the summer before that I had met him.

Like many youth in Houston, I worked my way through college at Six Flag Houston. Eighteen hour days were my ticket to the future I had dreamed of. We switched to the same department the summer of 2000. At first, I didn't like him much. I thought he was a bit arrogant and too sure of himself, but if you know my husband, that probably wouldn't surprise you.

Friendship later turned into love, I think in large part to his friends at the ROTC. They assumed I was "George's girl", even "warning" a guy or two that I was talking to over those three years. But the more we got to know each other, the more we realized we had so many of the same goals for our future, that it only seemed natural to reach them side by side. It was us against the world ... and still is.

Had you told me 15 years ago that I would be sitting at home, waiting for a husband who was halfway around the world, fighting for the freedom of others, I would have laughed. Had you told me that we would be making plans for starting a family in the near future, I would have rolled my eyes. But had you told me that I would have discovered true happiness, saw my dreams come true and look to the future with excitement, I would have smiled with a sigh of accomplishment, happy that I had disovered the real me ... and it was all because of the husband I had never dreamed of.

Until our next cup of tea ...

9 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

funny how life takes us by surprise sometimes isn't it?

lovely thoughts.

Sheila said...

First of all I want to say Happy Birthday for your 30th..! Best wishes to you..!xx
I love the photo of you both, you look so comfortable together.
There are so many ways to fall in love, I knew the first time I saw my husband we would marry, we did, a little over a year later. We will be celebrating our 40th in March.

Sue said...

I've been absent for awhile but to come here and read your last two posts is such a treat (and as you reminded me a couple of weeks ago, needed a tissue alert on this one) :)
But anyway, this is a really wonderful post. Ron and I - well, we were friends for a few months and once we started to date, it took exactly 3 weeks for him to propose. That was nearly 39 years ago. And though I am exactly twice your age (shhhh don't tell anybody), and have a lot more days behind me than you do, not one single regret is harbored in my heart. Happy Birthday my friend.
You are blessed with a great outlook on life - and a pretty wonderful young man. I agree with Sheila - you look great together. God bless you both.

ABW said...

"But the more we got to know each other, the more we realized we had so many of the same goals for our future, that it only seemed natural to reach them side by side. It was us against the world ... and still is."

Way to make me cry this morning!!! Great post though, the two of you are blessed to have each other to go through this journey. Even though you are half a world away from each other, the commitment and belief that the two of you have for each other is inspirational.

Hope you are doing okay!

stitcherw said...

What a beautiful entry. Wishing you both all the happiness there is, and wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Cheryl said...

You sound a lot like me! I was gonna be a lawyer, wait until at least 30 before considering marriage....married at 22 and working for a charity couldnt be more opposite, but im happy!! Im glad you are too.
Happy Birthday when it arrives! Can you email me your mailing address cherylthomas3000 at yahoo dot com

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful entry. I'm so happy for you.

And thank you for showing us your handsome husband.


Alice said...

And the real you is quite a woman! Beautiful post!

Meari said...

What a great post, Michelle. Happy 30th!