November 20, 2007

Mmmm ... Ham ... Green Beans ... Pie!

That’s what I kept saying all through lunch today, making my husband laugh. As the nearly 3,500 in my husband’s unit prepared to deploy, many Soldiers and their families put aside their thought of pending farewells and took the time today to dine together at the Patriot Inn, the brigade’s dining facility or DFAC.

The line was longer than usual but the weather was cool and chatter was abundant as family members greeted each other and shared storied while waiting.

As the line slowly inched forward, I was greeted with all the traditional smells of a holiday feast. I excitedly watched as my plate was piled with ham, pot roast, green beans, mashed potatoes and other goodies. Then I moved forward to the dessert station. There as every type of traditional pie and cake and some that I would vote to become a tradition. I chose a yellow cake with creamy vanilla pudding filling and chocolate icing.

We worked our way through the crowd around the dessert station and found an empty table, greeting friends along the way.

The meal was delicious and a great opportunity to spend time with my husband. We talked a little about the deployment and after a few spouses greeted me, my husband commented that many of them looked to me for support because there are few who are staying here at the installation that were here for the previous deployment.

I smiled when the chaplain stopped by and asked if I was staying. I assured him that I was and that if his wife needed anything she should call. I don’t see myself having a major role, not like last time anyway, but I am available to help when needed. I faced some harsh realities after last year’s deployment and plan on keeping a low profile, but I am excited about the chance to work with some of the other volunteers in helping the families, because it will definitely keep my mind off of the separation.

When George's dad visit for Thanksgiving we will eat lunch at my DFAC and I am excited (there are two DFACs, one for George's Brigade and one that is for my Brigade. There are A LOT of Soldeirs to feed!)

On another note, I stopped by the commissary on the way home from work to pick up a few items. Seriously, it was only about 7 items, but it took nearly an hour. I had forgotten how crazy it gets this time of year. After checking out, I check to make sure all of my limbs were still attached and headed home. Whew! Glad I've got everything I need.

Lastly, I received an email from one of my mentors in the military world. His son is currently deployed to Iraq and had a small request:

"I have plenty more Thanksgivings in my future so missing one because I
am over here serving my country doesn't bother me a bit. I ask one simple thing from all of you though on Thanksgiving day, when the food is served and you start to feel as though you can't possible eat anymore, go back for another plate for me!" -- R

Take a moment this week to remember those who are seperated from their Families this holiday season, say a prayer for them or keep them in your thoughts. However you chose to celebrate the season, remember their sacrifices give you that freedom.

Until our next cup of tea …

6 Tea Party Guest:

Alice said...

I will certainly remember all those serving in the military and their families in my Thanksgiving dinner prayer tomorrow.

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for reminding me, that I had not said all yet, in my Thanksgiving entries.

Hugs to you Dear,

lime said...

giving thanks for those willing to serves as wel las those they leave behind.

Kimmie said...

(((huge hugs))) chickie.....

Tommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to one of my three best friends! DFACs have come a long way, haven't they? Did the commander serve the Soldiers? Glad you had a good time with George. Tell him I said Godspeed and hurry bacl. Love you babe.

Sue said...

What a wonderful post...first time I have visited but DEFINITELY not the last.
God bless George and his unit as they deploy. My prayers for them all - and of course for you.