November 18, 2007

Come out again another day ...

Today was a sad day ... I packed up my tea cups. It's only temporary, but it was sad just the same.

I love to look at them, remember the stories of where we were and the people we were with when I got them. But as anyone who has every lived in military housing can attest to, the residences are not grand mansions and we've just run out of room to display them.

Some of the tea cups and saucers were displayed on the kitchen counter, others on shelves and such. Most of the miniature sets were boxed up, but as you can see, they would all crack at the slightest bump. The ones on display were constantly being moved, stuff was tossed on the counter around them. Finally, I decided that if I couldn't display them in a safer manner, then maybe I should package them up until I could.

Whenever we move I get those cardboard boxes with the dividers. So when I saw the plastic Christmas ornaments boxes at the Post Exchange, I thought they would be perfect for packaging my collection and reuseable.

So one by one I washed and packed the cups and saucers. It worked out perfectly. I don;t think I'm the first to think of this, but wish it was easier to find them "out of season." I chose a design that had adjustable dividers. They are stackable and you can snap as many as you'd like together, althought I think I'll only do two are three attached to keep it from getting to heavy. Well, I'm off to spend some time with George.

Until our next cup of tea ...

5 Tea Party Guest:

smilnsigh said...

I'm sure it was sad to put them away. But better in the long run. Better to know they are safely keeping, until the time comes when you have the space to display them, in the best/safest-for-them way.


lime said...

maybe you could pick some that sort of go with various seasons and rotate safely displaying a few of them over the course of the year?

Alice said...

What a great way to protect your tea cups and saucers. It must have been sad to put them all away. One day though you'll have your own place with all the room you could possibly need. One day soon.

see you there! said...

You found a great way to store your collection. Just think, when the time comes to unpack them it will be like meeting a bunch of old friends.


stitcherw said...

It looks like a great way to store your teacups safely. It's to bad they can't be out at the moment, but at least this way you know you have them for when you want to see them and they are protected until you have a place you can put them out permently.