October 9, 2007

Friends always welcome; Facing life together

I have come to notice a few new readers, to my excitement, many are military spouses. Let me welcome you. Life in the military is never easy, but as they say ... there are no strangers, just friends you haven't met yet! I look forward to chatting with you as my husband and I continue this journey we call military life. Whenever I feel alone, I just have to log on and know that I am not alone. When I face fears and other emotions abotu this life, I remind myself that I am not to only one. That is why I write .. so others know that they are not alone.

For me the power of the pen is not about changing the world, but to let others know that they are not alone. I'm not saying that everyone will have the same feeling, but maybe they will know that they can face them with hope.

The military life is hard. There are a lot of goodbyes, but I try to remember that with every goodbye there are hellos waiting just around the corner. Scary? Yes. I hate being the new kid and you don't have to move to feel that way. Over the summer we had a change of personnel in our unit. Many of them friends, but as military families if we let the difficulties overwhelm us, then we'll never grow in strength and that is what our Soldiers ... err, servicemembers (sorry to other branches) need from us.

I was talking to a friend last night ... IM is such a brilliant thing. We got to the subject of committement and strength. I've said before that what gets me through the tough times is the love I have for my husband and he for me. But commitment is another requirement of this life.

Military spouses have to recommit every day, whether they know it or not. Somedays it might be easy to wake up and say, "I am so over this." But we trade the sacrifice for love. Are there bad days, yes! But think about all the happy memories made with your spouse. I wouldn't trade all the bad for those happy moments. Dancing in the kitchen, pizza by candlelight, laughing at him playing with our puppy. It's those memories that get me through the tears.

Well, I'm off to spend time with my husband.

Until our next cup of tea ...

4 Tea Party Guest:

Alice said...

I know you directed that to military families but really your advice is good for us all.

ABW said...

So sweet. I know when we were first married and living in Germany, my husband was deploying 2 days before our first anniversary and 10 days before Christmas to Bosnia for a year. He was trying to pack, it was late and I was sad. He dragged me out in the fresh fallen snow at midnight and we played for an hour "making memories". I still treasure that time along with all the rest of them 13 years later.

We just moved companies so I am looking for a whole new support group as the last ones have moved on. Sigh....

Tommy said...

You know that I left for a one-year tour of Korea about a week after my second son was born. I didn't see him again until his first birthday had passed. I know of what you speak and want you to know that I am here. You are my best friend here in this little burg we call Camp Swampy and I will always be here for you ... with chocolate! WOO HOO!

liberal army wife said...

I'm the newbie again! just moved to a new base, new unit, back in the Big A Army (were National Guard...) so far, no one from the unit has tried to contact me but as you said, it's organization day and we are hoping that there will be a family get together as well. After the longest deployment of any unit (the Red Bulls) I am also trying to get used to having him around all the time, and a new small apartment, and job hunting. Blogging makes me feel a lot less alone!