October 29, 2007

Vacation in Mexico Day 5

O.k. I promise I'm almost done.

Thursday was a day of nothing. We laid about at the pool, drank cold beverages and chatted with others at the pool. But first we had breakfast at one of the resturants to be different. There was a buffet of undescribeable proportions. They had everything from cereal and milk (various percents and soy as well) to scrambled eggs. They also had a collection of Mexican pastries ... Mmmmm. They had some that my great mother used to have when I was younger. It was heaven!
After a few hours of laying out by the pool we had a lunch at the Burger and Pizza Place we hung out in the room and watched TV and just enjoyed being in the air condition.
That night we ate at the same restaurant but at night it was Oriental-theme. Now I'm not usually big on that type of food, but I gave it a try (they had SEVEN courses at this restaurant) and loved it! I think it was my favorite! I even tried sake!
We called it an early night (I was beginning to miss my puppy) so we crawled into bed and watched a little more TV before going to sleep. I have to say my favorite part about wathcing TV there was that in the commercials the actors spoke in English but the voiceover was in Spanish. I totally loved it!
The next morning we packed our bags then headed off to have another buffet breakfast at another restaurnat. We found out that most of them had buffet breakfast's but you could also order from a menu and that was what followed the theme of the restaurant.
SInce this one was a Mexican-gormet themed restaurnat, I ordered a breakfast taco with streak and potatoes. It also was the largest buffet and this one served the Mexican pastries, but also had a chocolate fountain and a variety of traditional and local fruits. Half of them I didn't even know what it was but it was delicious.
After finishing breakfast, we went back to the bedroom and had about an hour before checkout so we laid on the bed and watched some Sci-Fi movie with "Joey" from Friends. George said it was Lost in Space, but I'd never seen that or the Robinsons which it was based off of.
George hired another limo to take us back to the airport and I was quickly learning to love the high life. A few drinks later we were at the airport and zooming through the lines once again because we were in first class, we grabbed a bit to eat at once of the restaurants and looked around the duty-free store and some others while waiting for our plane. Boarding first, we settled in with our drinks for a smooth ride back to reality. Sigh~ I guess you can't stay in paradise forever!

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Alice said...

Yum! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day--those buffets sound amazing. Even in paradise you missed your puppy and I understand totally.