October 26, 2007

Vacation in Mexico Day 4

(This is a picture of the bath with the roses and candles the staff set up while we were at dinner.)

So sorry to have kept you waiting. I have been fighting blogger and my computer these last few day and came to realize that my Yahoo Messenger was causing computer glitches (Sorry Tommy Gunn no IMing for now!) But alas, I am back to tell you of the wonders of Day 4 in Mexico. I think you will agree that it is the best day ... but on to the story ...

We woke up bright and early with a day of indulgence ahead. Now as many of you know, I am a curious creature and my husband is one who does not fall for smoke and mirrors, so when we heard there was a "presentation" (of course that means looking for unsuspecting people to buy timeshares) on the new resort that was being built with even MORE of an "exclusive" nature my husband and I signed up. We wanted to see what the "new infinity casitas" would entail because you know this princess only gets the best (we'd rather go all out with less vacations than moderate vacations more often that leave us feeling cheated.)

So after a quick breakfast at the health bar ... o.k. let me stop here. The health bar was my biggest REGRET last time because we never got to enjoy it. We kept putting it off. Well the second day there we stopped in for "energy drinks" and I got one called Power. It was chocolate, banana, honey, vanilla extract and oatmeal. OMG! It was so good so we decided to do breakfast before the presentation. I got the same drink with a fruit plate. It was tropical fruit with honey, vanilla yogurt, oats and almonds. AMAZING! Seriously if this is "healthly" I'd eat it all day, every day. It's that wheat germ and alfalfa stuff I can bear to smell much less drink.

So after this scrumptious meal we head over to the presentation. After signing in they said that we'd get a $50 check just for attending, but if we give them our credit card numbers they would enter us into a drawing for $800 ... one entry for each. HA! Do they know who they are dealing with?

"We didn't bring any CCs," we said.

"Well, even if they are in the room we can get the numbers later or the one you used to pay for the trip," they said.

"Didn't bring any on the trip and we paid for the trip by check," we said.

"That's too bad. We can't enter you in the drawing," they replied.

"That's o.k. we'll just take the $50," my hubby said with a smile.

Suckers! We're not as dumb as we look, we're just curious.

So after a 30-45 minute presentation of the "value of buying membership," most of which we spent drink the free memosas and eating their chocolate cover strawberries, they offered to take us to see the new rooms!

Score, that what we wanted because you see the membership was to purchase a 30% discount for the resort. You still had to pay for the room when you book it. Duh! Simple math proves that's a scam. But the new resort was amazing. The rooms are individuals on the second floor. They have a kitchenette with a PERSONAL CHEF, personal pool on the second floor porch overlooking the community pool. The porch also extends over the beach with a dining are overlooking the ocean. It was awesome! We're totally staying there next time.

So after declining their offer with the excuse of, "Man, if we were 15 years older we'd love to start planning for retirement, but right now we are saving for starting out family!" we headed for a quick lunch becasue my favorite part of the day was about to begin.

My husband had scheduled me for a two hour massage, starting with a chocolate scrub exfoliation, followed by a slight too cold shower. Then they wrapped me, yes wrapped me in chocolate and I literally fell asleep during the 30 minute facial massage. Then after showeing off in a much warmer shower, I headed off to a chocolate bath. (I think part of my tan is actually a stain from the chocolate.) OMG! It was sooo relaxing but the best part (I know you'd love this Lime) was that I actually smelled and tasted like chocolate all night! (Yes, Lime I did try to take a straw with me in the bath, but the thought that might not be healthy!)

After I dragged my completely relaxed body to the room. We watched TV for a bit before heading off to get ready for my dinner surprise. It wasn't really a surprise, but it was special. George had signed us up for dinner on the beach complete with music by a saxaphonist who walked from each individual cabana turned gauze cover dining area playing. We took off our shoes and enjoyed a 5-course lobster-themed dinner (except dessert of course!) For the main course I had mushroom stuffed chicken and George had a lobster, but the salad, soup and appitizer were all lobster based.

We ordered a bottle of French wine so we took the champagne back to the room where George had the staff put candles and rose petals all over and they ran a bath with bubbles and roses. I actually fell asleep in the bath after an alcohol-aided relaxing day. So after the water got cold, George woke me up and I dragged myself to bed.

This is a picture of George's lobster dinner. I probably would have taken the picture from a better angle if I hadn't been so damn drunk. I'm lucky I made it back to the room!

4 Tea Party Guest:

Alice said...

You really were treated like a princess on this vacation. Each day seems to keep getting better and better!

lime said...

OOOHHHHH!!!!! you got to live my chocolate fantasy!!!!! i am overcome with envy! i am dying here!

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Melissa said...

What a great way to relax after a day of fun in the sun!