September 13, 2007

Would you like sugar in your tea? Virtual Tea pt. 3

Hello everyone. Sorry I missed tea yesterday, our Internet was down. Thank you for all of the comments left on the previous posts. I love them. It makes my day a little better when I am working an they randomly pop up on my email.

Now, today, I want to tell you about my maternal grandmother. She can be tough as nails when needed (and when my brother and I were young we needed it a lot I'm sure), but she is also the most poised, well-mannered and elegant lady. Even when she is elbow deep in her garden after a rain storm, she still seems to have the elegance of a grand lady. I must say she has probably been the largest influence on my life even though as a child we saw her only twice a year when my mother had visitation.

For my pending birthday (Jan. 22) she gave me five tea cups and saucers to add to my collection.

I asked her about her collection and she said that she started collecting them when she was my age. She had no preferences or requirements, just choosing those she was drawn too. She has given some away over the years, but I think secretly she was happy that I was starting my own collection and she could pass her collection along to me.

I told her about how when I was a little girl I would sit at the coffee table in the den and pretend I was a Spanish Queen pouring tea for her visitors. I loved playing with her silver set.

Growing up I loved to look at my Granny's tea cup collection, from afar of course. She kept them on top of the china cabinet, but there was a silver tea set that sat out on the coffee table, probably because it was unbreakable (trust me I dropped them a few times.) My grandmother wasn't a "high class socialite" but she is a firm believer in perfect manners, being polite and getting the most from your education.

Recently, I told you about having to take her to the emergency room. It was scary, but she pulled through and is home resting.

These tea cups are from her personal collection that she passed to me in January for my 29th birthday. They are elegant and beautiful – just like her.

Until our next cup of tea ...

13 Tea Party Guest:

Tommy said...

Okay ...this is the third time I have tried to comment, but it is shitty weather here (as you know) and my internet is spotty, at best.
I want to tell you, you are beautiful and now that I know how close you and your husband are, I'm sorry about flirting with you ... NOT! LOL I miss you already and hope your new job is everything you wanted it to be. Did I mention I missed you? Just in case ... just sayin. Later!

lime said...

oh how lovely and special to be able to share this interets with yoru granddmother who is so special to you and for her to bestow such special heirlooms upon you.

smilnsigh said...

Lovely entry. I needed that.


smilnsigh said...

I should explain that "I needed that" above. I'm 'down' with all the far-Left crapolla which is and will continue going down in DC, for a week or so.

And I can't get into the mode of "Pretty Blog Land." That mode {pretty, light, pretty, etc.} almost nauseates me, at present.

And I am very ashamed of myself to be allowing MYSELF to be 'down,' when YOU have so much more to be thus about.

And yet, you hold your head high and carry on. I'm in awe of you!

Many hugs,

Seamus said...

These are very reminiscent of the sets both my Grandmother and Great-grandma had and eventually were passed on to my girls - they are among there most cherished possession since they played with them as children.

Suzy said...

Beautiful teacups!...thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I love teacups and teapots!I'll be back!

ellen b said...

The teacups are great and so unique.

Scrappy Moments said...

Very Pretty Teacups, Good Birthday, it's my sons too! Thanks for visiting my tea party :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! You make grilled cheese the way I do! With Pepperjack and baby swiss and cheddar! lol! Ironic....

Alice said...

Your teacups are so beautiful and unique, each handle and cup shape a bit different from the others. I'm curious whether you picked these or if your grandma picked them for you.

Sandy B. said...

Your teacups are wonderful! I enjoyed your story of serving tea to the queen it brought back happy memories of taking tea with my grandmother, who gave me first real tea set at five years old. I recently shared a post about my grandmother, maybe you would like to visit at

Joyce said...

what beautiful tea cups and saucers, and lovely memories

Meari said...

Those are great teacups! Do you only collect the ones with saucers? Or do you collect just the cups also?

Oh... Your birthday is 2 days before mine! I'm quite a bit older than you, though.