September 5, 2007

So much going on ...

There has been so much going that my head is spinning. So please bear with me as I try to recap the past week or so.

Home and Family:
George came home from a month of training last Tuesday. We're still headed toward deployment preparations so after a few days of work, we headed to Houston to spend time with family. While there we celebrated George’s birthday with his best friend, Gordon, and Gordon’s girlfriend Mindy.

Saturday we spent the early afternoon hanging out and shopping, then that night we had dinner and drinks at a Japanese restaurant. There was even a magician. Sunday we spent a few hours with my family, because my uncle and his wife and children came into town. Unfortunately, a few hours after we left I got a call that my aunt had to take my grandmother to the ER. She had an infected appendix. The next morning they had to perform emergency surgery. I spent Monday at the hospital. She was fine, but it really was scary.

I got a new job! I start on Monday. Tomorrow is my last day and Tommy Gunn is feeling abandoned and a bit angry, so stop by for visit. Show the man some love … even though he only shows his mug every once and a while. He must have more important things to do …

Anyway, back to me … you can chat to TG later. The new job is working with families. Not quite a social worker, but a bit along the same lines. The Army has created Family Readiness Support Assistants that will assist families during deployments. They act as a liaison between the commanders and the families, making sure they get up-to-date information.

Haven’t done much and am really bummed about it. I am taking this online embroidery class through Crafty Daisies and love it. I am trying to get the “homework” done and will post pics when I can. Other than that, I hadn’t done anything. I didn’t even go to a craft store when we were in Houston.

Ugh! There is so much to do … I couldn’t even begin to tell you.

Well until our next cup of tea …

5 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

What part of Houston? I was born in Australia (to American parents) and we moved to the Bear Creek area when I was small and I stayed till I went off to Baylor and married my army man after graduation.

Glad your Grandmother is okay, I had mine out when I was 13 and it was no joke!

Good luck with the new job! Looks like we are on the same time schedule for deployments and I am sure I can gain some valuable information and insight into this "adventure"!

lime said...

glad your grandma is going to be ok! congrats on the new job and yes i know TG is going to miss you terribly.

Alice said...

My thoughts are with your grandmother. I had my appendix out a couple years ago and recall that I wasn't up jumping around for a few weeks. Your new job sounds important and I'm sure you'll be a big comfort to the families you work with.

Meari said...

When I was younger my Mom had to have emergency apendectimy (sp?) surgery... so I know how you feel. Glad your grandma is OK.

Hang in there, things will slow down soon. Japanese restaurant... Mmmmm... Yum! :D

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the new job!